I got an award

Thankyou Vicki for my award.
Now i know a little about you lol.
10 things about me " Oh how boring " lol.
1.I am a pensioner who will be 68 this comming February.
2.I am a psp addict and love every moment of it.
3.I am in poor health but will not go into that.
4.I love cooking for my family.
5.I am a fanatical gardener and spend as much time as i can in my garden.
6.I am quite and my bark is worst then my bite lol.
7. I have always tried to be a perfectionist but not as i get older.
8.Before i got my computer i spent a lot of time knitting.
9.I am a born again Christian and respect other faiths.
10.Last but not least, I live alone, love my life and very happy.
Now to pass this award on to a few friends.
Lynn HERE.
Beaches HERE.
Emma HERE.
Sylvie HERE.
Marie HERE.

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