Whats going on?

Had my shoulder replacement on 23rd. of September. Was in a sling for 6weeks, Painless but having therapy which is improving all the time. I came into my blog to post a message and OMG! what a mess it was in through Photobucket. I emailed a good friend for help and advice on how to clean up the mess, who was ever so helpful. I managed to clean up all the Photobucket links but lost a lot in doing so. I have a spare layout which I changed all the Photobucket links adding new links, Saved my new theme, viewed my blog to find it as it is now grrr. I think my laptop is very poorly as its not doing what I want it to do, This started after downloading the update for my windows10. I have spent hours trying to get my blog back but have failed, which means I have to make a new blog and I am so upset and tired to the point of giving up, deleting it all together and my mojo has gone now. I am going to be staying with a friend all next week so I cannot do anything. Maybe when I get back home I could delete my blog and make another we will see. I want to thank you all for all your love, support and prayers. Hope you are all well, happy and safe. I have missed you all so much.
God bless you all my lovely friends, have a good weekend.

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