Tube of choice i used Keith Garvey.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
My template and font. HERE.
You may colourize layers to compliment your tube.
Also my wordart for your your own.
To colorize layers...
Highlight the layer your wanting to change the colour on
selections select all selections float new layer colours
colourize select colour to compliment your tube by moving
the arrows till you get the colour you want delete original layer.
Open my template delete credit layer.
Highlight layer2 selections select all selections float
paste close up tube of choice as a new layer center it and enlarge
selections invert delete on keyboard select none.
Paste tube again lign up and on top of 1st tube drop shaddow
Use either your selection tool or eraser brush to delete
overlapping of tube you do not want showing.
Copy and paste your main tube as new layer place
to the left of your close up tube drop shaddow duplicate
image mirror then duplicate both these tube layers
on your original tube layers add a gaussian blur set at3.
Add your name place one at both sides of the top of template
i gave mine a brown drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Delete background layer.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying.

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