Escape to the City

Tube of choice i used Keith Garvey.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase  one HERE.
My Tag template HERE.
Cityscape template HERE. Thank you for sharing.
Vaybs mask 130 HERE. Yhanks Vaybs.
Tiny star HERE.
Font of choice i used Sakkal Majalla.
Tag template...
You may colourize to compliment your tube and change my
wordart for one of your own.
Open my template delete credits.
Open all in Cityscape template edit copy the background
Highlight layer5 on the tag template selections select all
selections float paste background in selection.
Highlt layer1 on the Cityscape edit copy paste as new layer
on top of my template background resize by75 of original
use deformation tool to adjust all around to your liking selections
invert delete 0n keyboard select none.
Open the moon paste aand place to top left of banner.
 Open half tube image mirror
paste as new layer place to right bottom of center frame drop shaddow
have a small part of tubes head showing above center frame.
Use selection tool to cut any overlapping to bottom of tube.
Open full tube paste as new layer place to left of frame drop shaddow.
Highlight layer3 selections select all selections float
Open close up tube enlarge so it fills all the circle move to right
have just the eye showing above the wordart.
Seletions invert delete on keyboard select none.
Change blend mode to soft light.
Highlight my background new layer fill with a colour gradient
to compliment your tube.
Mask new from image select and apply mask merge mask visable.
You may want to make it slightly larger with your deformation tool.
Add name as new layer place between the teo tubes drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Merge all layers flatten duplicate twice name 1.2.and 3.
Close 2 and 3 highlight 1 add random tiny stars scale70 step18.
Repeat as above with 2 and 3 closing last layer and opening
layer you want your stars on. When done adding your stars
Edit 1 2 and 3 layer in that order copy and paste in animation shop
1 as new image 2 and 3 after current frame.
Change speed properite to15 view animation save as.
Go back to psp close layers 1.2.and 3 these are the center circle layers
Also your close up tube and full tube you should be left with
just the banner tube wordart name and copyright showing.
Merge these layers flatten crop around your banner copy paste moon in top left corner.
 then add your tiny stars same as you did on your tag.
Finishing off in animation shop as you did with your tag.
Back to psp file new 150x150 undo all till your whole tag you did
is showing merge visable the background and city scape layers
edit copy paste as new layer on your aviator resize to suit yourself.
Copy paste moon top left corner resize tube paste as new layer
drop shaddow place to left bottom corner.
Image add border set on 3 in black.
Add copyright place down left side add name place also
down left side drop shaddow.
Repeat adding the stars as you did on your tag and banner
finishing in animation shop save as.
hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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