Nativity Timeline




PTU O Holy Night HERE.
My Templates.HERE.
VM Natural sparkle plugin.
Font of choice i used SantasSleighFull.
Drop shaddow.
Open cover template,Copy and paste paper4 as new layer.
Resize 53 by45 then 90.Paste as new layer center of template.
Magic wand,click in all blank spaces,modify exspand by5.
Resize Paper3 by45 twice.over.Invert hit delete,drag below stable.
Drop shaddow stable as above.
Resize2 by20.Paste as new layer,center of53.Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize 70 by10.Paste as new layer,top left corner of template.Change opacity to60.
Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Copy and paste 72 as new layer,bottom left of template,Duplicate image mirror.
Resize1 by20.Paste as new layer,image mirror right of2.Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize3 by20.Image mirror,paste as new layer left of2.Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize15 by20.Paste as new layer,image mirror,place on top left of53,sharpen,drop shaddow.
Resize5 by20,paste as new layer,right of1.Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize6 by20.Paste as new layer right of5.Sharen,drop shaddow.
Resize18 by20.Image mirror.Paste as new layer on top left center of53.
Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize19 by20.Image mirror.Paste as new layer on top left of53.Sharpen,drop shaddow.
Duplicate,resize by90.Place on top left of original.
Duplicate18.Image mirror.Move to top right bottom corner of template.
Resize10 by10.Image mirror.Paste as new layer on top right of stable roof.
Sharpen,then drop shaddow.
Resize38 by10.Paste as new layer on top center of stable roof.
I shortened the bottom and sides of mine.Sharpen ten drop shaddow.
Highlight background.Open picture tube tool.clouds.New layer ad cloud to top right and left.
Highlight background,Add Effects VM Naural sparkle.Default setting.max size on20.
New layer on top of all.Select all float,fill with white.Modify contract by3
Add bright noise,mix on50.
Add credi bottom right corner,see tou for it.I used SantasSleighFull.Black size8.
Save as PNG. 

Open template.
Magic wand,click in center.
Resize paper4 by45.paste as new layer,bottom of template.Hit delete.
Add cloud as on cover template.
Resize2 by20.Paste as new layer.bottom center.sharpen,drop shaddow.
Resize70 by5.Paste as new layer top left,opacity 50.
Resize18 by15.Paste as new layer,behind baby crib.Sharpen,drop shaddow.
Finish same as cover.Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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