Tube of choice i used Lightartist xxx
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
Wordart and Shamrock.HERE.
Eye Candy gradien Glow.
Penta.com.Dot and Cross.
Font of choice,i used Vivaldi.


File new 650x300,fill with white.
Foreground.#E0A953.Background.#428149.Gradient.Linear.Angel60.10 repeats.
New layer fill with this gradient.Add Penta.com Dot and Cross.
Amount72.Cross distance10.Cross width2.
Mergge Astor-Patryc and BG layer,Resize by30.
Paste as new layer left of template.Sharpen,unsharpen mask.3.30.3,
drop shaddow
Copy and paste my wordart,top right of template.
Copy and paste shamrock as new layer,bottom right of template.
Duplicate,move to center of tube and wordart.
New layer fill with #001602.Select all float.
Modify contract by4.Hit delete.
Add dsb Flux.Bright noise on mix 100.Add EC.gradient glow thin white.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name place between bottom of right of tube and bottom shamrock.
Add Noise mix on 50.Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop as new animation.
Back to psp,undo noise,add noise mix 0n 60.
Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop after current frame.
Back to psp.undo noise,ad noise set on mix 70.
Edit select all,edit copy merged,paste in animation shop after current frame.
View animation,save as.


File new 150x150 fill with white.
Copy and paste backround from banner template as new layer.
Copy and paste tube as new layer,resize by75.
New layer,add frame border as on banner,with noise.
Add copyright and licence number.
Add Initials of name top left of template.
Add noise layers same as on banner,View animation,save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it. 

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