100% Woman

Tube of choice i used keith Garvey.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
FTU Miss Molly scrap kit HERE. Thankyou Brenda
Zuzzanna mask7 HERE. Thanks Zuzzanna.
Font of choice i used Vivaldi.
File new 650x650 fill with white.
New layer fill with paper of choice mask
new from image select and apply mask merge mask visable.
Resize frame2 paste as new layer on top of mask.
Magic wand click in center of frame selections
modify exspand by5 paste paper of choice selections
invert delete on keyboard drag below frame select none.
I added psp weave set on 2 white.
Resize tube of choice paste as new layer place
to bottom right of frame drop shaddow both tube and frame.
Resize hugable tag i colourized mine set on hue333
Saturation 53 lightness 0 colourized ticked then
colours adjust brightness/contrast brightness 50 contrast -11.
Paste as new layer place to top left corner of frame
drop shaddow. Repeat same for kissable and loveable tags.
place evenly below each other.
Resize flower2 paste as new layer place to and on top left
of wordart tag drop shaddow, repeat for the other two tags.
Resize bow2 colourize same as wordart tags
paste as new layer place to bottom left corner
of frame drop shaddow rotate.
Resize flower1 paste as new layer place to bottom right corner
of frame drop shaddow duplicate flower2 place
to left of flower1 duplicate flower1 place to right of flower2.
Add wordart 100% Woman place to top left of frame drop shaddow.
Add name place to bottom of frame i gave mine
eyecandy4 gradient glow set on1.Duplicate.
Resize crop delete background merge layers visable.
Add url copywrite and watermark.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks fopr trying it.

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