Garv dancer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Tube of choice i used Keith Garvey.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Template 125 HERE.Thankyou for sharing
Rock music mask LadyT HERE. Thankyou
Font of choice i used Agencty FB.
Open template delete credit.
Highlight raster1 fill with white.
Image canvas size 750x700 we will resize later.
Move rectangle and all wordarts on it down to bottom of white circle.
Method for filling template layers...
Highlight layer your wanting to fill selections
select all selections float selections defloat fill with colour of choice
delete original layer.
Dark grey circle add psp weave.
Light grey circle add tramages tow the line.
Pink rectangle fill with gold pattern.All wordart on black rectangle
fill with gold pattern.
Small pink circle fill with gold pattern.
Transmission fill with grey and gold gradient.
Using close up tube paste as new layers on all center circles.
Image mirror center circle tube.
Tube on left circle change blend mode to luminance and opacity to 60.
Tube on right circle change blend mode to soft light.
On all circles resize light from supplies
paste one in each of circle move to your own liking.
Place on top of tubes image mirror light for center one.
Open main tube of choice paste as new layer place
to right of template drop shaddow.
Drop shaddow all layers on
Highlight background layer new layer fill with gold pattern
mask new from image select and apply mask merge mask visable.
Duplicate mask layer drag below gold mask new layer
fill with black resize so its slightly smaller than gold mask
Move slightly to the right, see mine for details.
Add name place to of right circle i used blac and gold
for mine drop shaddow.
Image resize all layers then crop add url copywrite and watermark.
Highlight your tube on the left circle colours adjust
brightness and contrast change brightness to 60 0 on contrast.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop as new image.
Back to psp undo brightness and contrast highlight
tube on right circle add brightness and contrast as above
edit copy merged in animation shop after current frame.
Back to psp undo brightness and contrast and add same as above
to tube on center circle edit copy merged
paste in animation shop after current frame.
Change animation speed to 25.
View animation save your work.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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