Witches coven

8 tubes of choice all must be from the same artist no mixing aloud.
I used Keith Garvey.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Look through the holliday tubes then halloween.
Halloween template 0810 HERE.Thanks Vaybs.
Font of choice i used Diamond Gothic.
Open template delete credit layer.
My method for filling layers...
Highlight layer your wanting to fill selections select all
selections float new layer fill with colour of choice
delete original layer.
Layer 17 i added psp weave effect set on 2.7.1 fill gaps ticked.
Layer 19 i added Tramages tow the line effect.
Layer3 i duplicate layer 11 image mirror use deformation tool
to adjust and fit on top of layer 3. lower opacity
on both these layers to 70-80.
Layers 1. 2. 6. 7 and 8. i did a gradient glow.
Layer 5 i added psp blinds effect set on 3.100. horizontal ticked.
Layer 21 i used my selection tool, cut round one of
thr bats copied and pasted them where i wanted them
Deleted what you don't want to use I added a tiny green dot to the eyes.
Layer 22 i duplicated selections select all
selections float selections modify by1 drag below original layer
fill will white select none.
Add a noise set on 50 to all outer frames changing
from mix to light. Add a drop shaddow to all layers.
For all the small tubes in frames select frame select all
selections float paste tube of choice of choice as new layer
selections invert delete on keboard erase any overlapping
tube outside frames.
Paste main tube of choice place to center of template drop shaddow.
Add url copywrite and watermark.
Add name place to top right of template drop shaddow
duplicate place to bottom left of template.
Resize crop if needed delete background.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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