Triple me

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Tube of choice i used Ismael rac.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Mura's meister copies.
Tramages tow the line filter.
dsb flux bright noise filter.
Font of choice i used kayleigh.
File new 650x250 choice two colours from your tube
make the darker colour a gradient fill template with it.
Copy and paste tube of choice center on template
Effects Mura's meister copies default settings number 20.
wallpaper rotate, effects blur gussian set on 5.
Effects artistic effects brush strokes default settings.
Effects tramages tow the line default settings.
use your pencil size 10 line start from bottom
left corner of template holding down shift key as you go
fill with colour of choice add psp weave set on 2.11.11.
colour of choice fill gaps ticked.
Magic wand click inside corner triangle fill with
colour of choice duplicate your pencil line layer
image mirror image flip.Duplicate black triangle
image mirror image flip.
Magic wand click inside triangle you just filled
paste tube of choice selections invert delete on keyboard.
Repeat for the other side as you just did.
Change blend mode to luminance on both these tubes
merge these two tube layers visable name it noise.
copy and paste your main tube in center of template
drop shaddow on 4.450.5 black then again adding-before the 4.
new layer drag to top Select all modify contrast by 9
selections invert fill with colour of choice.
Add drop shaddow same settings as before in colour of choice.
Add url copywrite and watermark.
Add name drop shaddow place to one side of center tube
duplicate place to other side of tube.
highlight your noise layer effects dsb flux bright noise set on80
edit copy merged paste in animation shop as new image
back to psp undo noise add noise set on 85
edit copy merged paste in animation shop after current frame
back to psp undo noise add noise set on 90
edit copy merged paste in animation shop after current frame.
View animation save as.
file new 150x150. copy and paste your background layer
from your banner template move it around
till you just see the tramages showing.
Copy and paste your tube drop shaddow as you did on your banner
Now add the same border you did for the banner.
Add url copywrite and watermark.
Add the fist letter of your name place to top left corner drop shaddow.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for doing it.

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