Lush Pink forum set

Tube of choice i used Misticheskaya.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
dsb Flux.
Xenofex constalation.
Font of choice i used DriftType.
File new 650 x 250 fill with white, new layer fill with colour of choice
i used the background that came with my tube.
Moved it to top right corner of template.
Preset shapes tool triangle colour of choice draw thin triangle
across your template move just under the eyes of your tube.
Duplicate till you have triangles going down to the bottom of template
Leaving space enough to add your copyright.
Merge all triangle layers visable.
Resize main tube of choice place to left of template on top of triangles.
Duplicate on original tube add gussian blur set on 5.Duplicate.
highlight white background select all modify contrast by3
invert new layer drag to the top fill with colour of choice
Add dsb Flux set on 50 darker.
Drag your last duplicated left tube to top.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Highlight your triangle layer magic wand click in center of all triangles
Effects Xenofex Constalation settinga as below.
From top to bottom.
3-60-64-35-100-40  twinkle rotation 15. keep original image ticked
Random seed 3229. select none. Edit copy merged paste in animation shop
as new image. back to psp undo select none undo constalation
add constalation hit random seed once.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop after current frame.Repeat again.
Change animation properties to your liking.
Back to psp add your name place to top right of left tube
Light drop shaddow.
Edit copy paste in animation shop as new image duplicate twice.
Edit select all edit copy highlight 1st. frame of banner
edit select all edit paste in selected frame
place top right of left tube.
View animation save as.
File new 150 x 150 fill with white new layer
fill with colour of choice i resized and used my background on my tube.
copy and paste your triangles from your banner
resize place as you did on your banner.
R esize main tube of choice paste as new layer
place as you did on your banner repeat duplicate and blur layers
as with your banner.
Add border add copyright add constalation as with your banner
same setting. repeating 3 times and copy pasteing in animation shop.
Add name in psp same as your banner but
only the 1st. letter of your name repeat in animation shop
as you did with your banner.
View animation save as.
hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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