Spellbound forum set

Tube of choice i used Zlata_M.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Animation hitman HERE. Thanks Missy for sharing.
Open my banner template from supplies.
Highlight frame layer select all copy paste background from your tube
or any paper of choice paste into seletion 
Resize tube of choice paste as new layer to left of template
drop shaddow change blend mode to luminance.
Resize tube again paste as new layer place to right of template
duplicate on original add gussian blur on 5
add heavy drop shaddow on copy tube duplicate again select none.
Drag your right tubes on top of frame layer.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Add name place jus beneath and inbetween the tubes hands
drop shaddow.Edit copy merged ikn animation shop
duplicate 13 times you want a total of 14 frames.
Open missy animation hitman resize 45 then 75 then 85
edit select all edit copy highlight your 1st frame on banner
edit select all edit paste in current frame place on top
of one of your tubes hands Repeat above for animation on top of other hand.
View animation save as.
Open aviatar template from supplies.
Do all as you did on your banner but resize as you go.
Drag frame to top.
When adding your name just paste the 1st letter
place to the right of your tube drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and licence.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop.
Do as you did for your banner.
Resize Missy animation again by75.
view animation save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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