Naughty or nice?

Tube of choice i used The Hunter.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Template by Jenny HERE. Thanks for sharing.
FTU FM. Unusual Christmas HERE. Thanks Sylvie.
Montiblindsmask HERE. Thank you Monti.
Font of choice i used IglooCaps.
Xenofex2 Constellation filter.
Open template delete credit layer.
My method for filling layers...
Highlight layer your wanting to fill, selections select all
selections float fill with paper of choice when just filling with a colour
make a new layer first delete original layer when doing both.
Highlight white background paste paper14 as new layer
mask select and apply mask merge mask layer visable.
Bar layer i filled with red and added psp blinds set on 7.25 horizontal black.
Square i filled with same red then added psp weave effect.
Circle i filled with red and white gradient change colour of text to black.
Highlight square1 paste tube of choice use defornation tool to make it
fit straight in frame change blend mode to luminance.
Repeat for square2.
Paste main tube of choice as a new layer place on  top center
of template drop shaddow.
Resize element74 paste as new layer place to top right
of template drop shaddow.
Resize element64 paste as new layer place bottom center
of square 1 frame duplicate image mirror drop shaddow.
Circle background i changed to red in colour then added dsb flux on 100.
Duplicate this layer twice name circle 1.2.and3.
Repeat as above on square1 and two after adding flux merge these two
square backgrounds visable duplicate name them square1 2 and 3.
Add name place to left center of template rotate fill
snow blanks with white drop shaddow
Add url copyright and watermark.
Crop any white excessive background.
Close both layers circle 2 and 3 and square 2 and 3 highlight one of circle1
add Contellation setting as shown below.

Repeat as above for square1 edit copy merged pate in animation shop
as new image back to psp undo constellation on both your last layers
Repeat as you did above but this time close your layers1 and open
layers two. copy merged paste in animation shop after current frame.
Back to psp repeat one more time.
View animation save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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