Spicy Hot

Tube of choice i used barbara Jensen.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Template 35 HERE. Thanks for sharing.
Font of choice i used Janda Elegant Handwriting.
Pents dot com
Eye Candy gradient glow.
Open template delete credits layers 3 and 13.
Image canvas size 700 x 700 pixels crop later.
Method for filling layers, select the layer you want to change
select all float new layer fill with colour to compliment your tube.
Delete original layer.
Resize tube of choice paste as new layer on top of template drop shaddow.
Move wordarts to bottom of tube see mine for details.
Layers 23 and copy of 23 i gave mine a gradient fill.
Layers 17 and 18 i added psp weave effect.
Layers 6 and copy of 6 i added penta dot com.
Layer 20 i added a different gradient.
Layer 21 change colour then add psp noise on 50.
Highlight layer6 select all float resize tube of choice image mirror
paste as new layer so just her head and eye is showing
invert delete on keyboard duplicate image mirror.
Add url copyright and licence.
Add name place to top right of template add EC gradient glow.
Now crop your template resize if need.
Highlight  your top center circle layer colours adjust brightness and contrast
setting brightness 60 contrast -11. edit copy merged
paste in animation shop as new image, back to psp colour undo 
brightness and contrast adjust brightness and contrast again
change brightness to 75 this time edit copy merged
paste in animation shop after current frame.
View animation save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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