Tube of choice i used Alex_Prihodko.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
Template 085.HERE.Thanks for sharing.
Plugins. and cross.
dsb Flux bright noise.
Tramages tow the line.
Eye Candy gradient glow.
Font of choice i used Vivaldi.
Open template.Delete credits.
Highlight main background.Select all float,fill with 397249.
Add and cross,default.Deleat original layer.Select none.
Resize tube,paste as new layer far left of template.Blend mode Dodge.
Erase overlapping of hair at bottom right.
Resize tube paste as new layer right of template,drop shaddow.
Left horizontal lines.Select all,float.New layer,fill with gradient as followes.
Foreground.EDC844.Background.397249.Make background Linear gradient.
Angel 45.10 Repeats.Add dsb noise Mix 50.Add inner bevel.
Smoothness.4.Depth.1.Ambience.0.Shininess.15.Select none.Delete original layer.
Drop shaddow.,50.5.
Right horizontal lines.Select all float,new layer fill with gradient as above,
Change colours to.Foreground.EED090.Background.A55D35.Add same noise as above.
Select none.Delete original layer.Drop shaddow. -2.-2.50.5.
Foreground.Select all float,default.New layer,Fill with same gradient as above.
Foreground colour EED090.background colour A55D35.Select none,delete original layer.
Add Tramages tow the line.Default.
Left angled line,select all float,new layer.fill with 201815.Select none,
delete original layer.Add same noise as above.Gradient glow,thin white.set on1.
Right angled line,same as left angled line.
Highlight background layer,select all float,modify contrast by6.invert.
New layer,Fill with EDC844.Add noise as above,drag,select none,drag to top.
Add drop shaddow, -2.-2,50.5.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name i used black text size48.Drop ahaddow.Place bottom left of template.
Crop Apaque merged,Save as PNG.
File new 150x150.Fill with background from your banner template.
Copy and paste Left tube from banner template,Copy and paste
main tube from banner,resize,sharpen.
Highlight frame same as on your banner.
Add 1st.letter of your name to top left of template,drop shaddow.Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.


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