Sexy Blonde

Tube of choice i used Eugene Rzhevskii.
You need a licence to ues this art,you canpurchase one HERE.
Template 27.HERE.Thanks for sharing.
Montiblindsmask.HERE.Thanks Monti.
Tramages Tow the line plugin.
Font of choice i used Rockabilly.
Open template detlete credits.
Lrg light all float,new layer fill with black.delete original layer.
Small blue rectangle1 select all,float new layer.Change Foreground to white,Background to black
Make background a linear gradient Angle 45.12 repeats.
Fill with this gradient,delete orignial layer.
Repeat same for small blue rectangle2.
Black rectangle,leave as it is.
Light grey 1.2.and one at a time,select all float,
Lrg grey rectangle,select all float,new layer,fill with black,add psp weave effect White.
fill with the background that comes with this tube.delete original.
Black circle 1 and 2,change gradient to sunburst.H.50.V.50.12 repeats.Fill both with this
Highlight your 1st.rectangle,select all float,Resize tube,paste as new layer,add Tramges tow the line.
Repeat same for your 3rd.rectangle.Then same again for center rectangle without the tube.
Highlight center rectangle,select all float,resize tube paste as new layer to bottom of rectangle,drop shaddow.
Invert delete on keyboard,Paste tube again on top of original,,drag to top.
Highlight white background,new layer fill with the 1st.gradient you made,
Mask new from image,select and apply mask,merge mask visable.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name on top bottom of tube,drop shaddow.
Delete white background,Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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