Save Your Boobs

Tube of choice i used i used a free gift with purchase.
Celinart.Top right of page under free Gifts.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE
Mura's Meister,copies.and Seamless Checks with gradation.
dsb Flux brightnoise.
Font of choice i used for my wordart Spring Script and Sylfaen for my name.
File new 650x250.Fill with white.Copy and paste main tube as new layer.
Duplicate move to far left of template,duplicate,move to far right of template,
merge layersvisable.Add Mura's Miester copies.Wallpaper rotate.default.Add Gussian blur on10.
Add Mura's Miester seamless.Checks with gradation.default.
Effects Edge enhance twice.
Copy and paste full tube as new layer far left of template.
duplicate image mirror,move far right of template.
Duplicate again place center of template.All with just head and shoulders showing.
Change blend mode soft light to left and right tubes.
Change blend mode to screen on center tube.
Resize full tube by 45,paste as new layer left of center tube,
duplicate place right of center tube.drop shaddow both these tubes.
Create a new layer above all other layers, and Flood Fill with white.
Click Selections --> Select All.
Selections --> Modify --> Contract by 3, hit Delete.
Keep selected, and now contract by 7, then Flood Fill with white.
Now contract by 2, hit Delete, then Select None.
Apply a drop shadow to this layer.Add dsb noise on 100.
Add wordart BCA text size 36.911B42.on top far bottom left.drop shaddow
Duplicate move far top right.See mine for details.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name bottom center of both full tubes,drop shaddow.Save as PNG.
File new 150x150.
Copy and paste all layers,one by one from the banner.Resize as you go by75.
Add frames as on the banner.Add dsb noise to frames as on banner.
Add copyright and licence number.Add 1st.letter of name,
on top right of template,drop shaddow as name on banner.I used text size28.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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