Sexy in Jeans

Tube of choice i used Trinita.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
Template648.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
PTU Diamonds and Denim scrap kit.HERE.
Mask5.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
Tramages tow the line.
Eye Candy gradient glow.
Font of choice i used EasyLombardic Two.
Drop shaddow throughout.
Open template 648.Delete cr.Open background.
Resize full tube by35.Paste as new layercenter of template.
Drag below all wordart layers.Effects sharpen,unsharpen mask.Drop shaddow.
Highlight4,select all float,resize paper5.by75.
Paste as new layer,invert hit delete.Delete original layer. all,float,resize paper1.by45.
Paste as new layer,invert,hit delete.Delete original layer.Repeat on6. all float,new layer,fill with black.Delete original layer.Repeat on7.
Highlight3,select all float,new layer,fill with 5A6CDE.Delete original layer. all float,new layer fill with 97A7D8.Delete original layer. all float,fill with 0D0D6A.Delete original layer.
Highlight17,select all float,copy and paste head and shoulders of tube.
invert,hit delete.Change blend mode to Luminance.Repeat on layer18.
Highlight20.Add psp weave effect,default.Black.
Highlight girls in wordart,select all,float,new layer.fill with black.
Select none,delete original layer,add EC gradient glow,white on3.
Repeat on are oh so sexy wordart.Drop shaddow Jeans wordart.
Add ec gradien glow as above on 15.16.and 14.Drop shaddow19.
Resize1 by30.Paste as new layer on top of full tube,Rotate slightly left.
Sharpen,unsharpen mask then drop shaddow.Erase part of handle,
So it looks like your tube is holding the bag.
Resize113 by30.paste as new layer top left of template,
sharpen then drop shaddow.duplicate mirror,duplicate flip,then mirror.
Highlight background,copy and paste new layer.
Mask new from image,select and apply mask,merge mask visable.Resize by105.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name bottom center of template,drop shaddow.
Delete background,save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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