Tube of choice i used Arthur Crowe.
Pink Goddess Tube and Kit. HERE.
Montiblindsmask. Thanks Monti for sharing. HERE.
Tramages Tow The Line plugin.
Font of choice i used Vivaldi.
Drop shaddow.
File new 650 x 650. Fill with white.
Resize paper11. by85. Paste as new layer. Mask new from image, select and apply mask,
merge mask visable, duplicate 3times. Resize by 110. 
Add psp weave effect. #9234392 ,2.7.5.Fill gaps ticked.
Copy and paste8. as new layer on top center of mask. Magice wand,
click in center of frame, modify exspand by5.
Copy paper3. as new layer, invert hit delete. Drag below frame.
Resize tube of choice by45. Paste as new layer center of frame, select none.
Copy and paste tube again on top of original, erase overlapping of tube on frame.
Drop shaddow frame.
Resize30 by45. Paste as new layer, bottom right og tag, drop shaddow.
Resize 11 by40.Paste as new layer, on top bottom left of frame, magic wand
click in left heart, modify exspand by5. New layer  Fill with #FBCDD0. Drag below frame.
Copy and paste the face of your tube as new layer. Invert hit delete,
Select none, Image mirror your tube.Resize by120.
Repeat as above on the right heart, drop shaddow frame. Add tramages tow the line to both backgrounds.
Resize 29. by45. Paste as new layer top left of frame, drop shaddow.
Resize 1 by35. Paste as new layer top right of frame, drop shaddow,
duplicate,resize by75. Move beneath original.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name bottom center of frame, drop shaddow.
Delete white background, save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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