F.B. Paris Timeline

Tube of choice i used Arthur Crowe. Peace free gift.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
FTU. SD Paris Dreams scrap kit. Thnk you for sharing. HERE.
Supplies. HERE.

Open my timeline cover. Fill with white.
With your selection tool, draw a square to far left of template.
New layer Fill with #114A88. Draw another square far right of template. Fill with #FF0000.
Draw another square in center of temlpate, fill with white.
Use your deformation tool, adjust all the squares so they are all the same width.
Merge these 3 layers visable. Change opacity to80.
Resize tube of choice by60. Paste as new layer far left of template.
Move down to just show top of her berry. Drop shaddow Black.
Change mode to screen. Image mirror.
Resize Eiffel Tower2. by45. Paste as new layer on top center right of template.
Sharpen, then drop shaddow. Duplicate.
Copy and paste my wordart as new layer center left of Eiffel Tower2.
Add copyright and licence number bottom center of template. lower opacity to35.
Merge layers visable. Save as PNG.

Open my timeline profile. Fill with white.
Work layers as you did on your cover template.
Resize Eiffel Tower2. by25.
Place words 2 and 3. Downd sides of template.
Merge all layers flatten, save as PNG.

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