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Click on image for a full view.
Tube of choice i used Sketchee.
You need a licence to use this art.
You can purchase one HERE. SD. Template2 HERE.Thanks Doris
Deviant Designer mask4 HERE.
Font of choice i used Sylfaen.
No scrapkit for this tut.
Open template delete credit layer.
Method for filling template...
Activate layer you want to fill.
Selections select all selections float selections defloat.
New layer fill with colour of choice
delete original layer.
For my centre circle i used the background
that came with the tube stretch it with deformation tool to fit.
I gave it a weave texture effect.
The two side rectangles i gave texture effect tiles triangle.
For the small back rectangle i gave blinds
effects firat one way then the other way.
For the lips i gave a gradient glow on purple.
Myself wordart i gave a gradient mix from red and black.
Same for the other wordart and add a white gradient glow.
I moved my wordarts and lips rotated lips too.
When happy merge layers visable
lay aside till later.
File new 700x700 fill with white.
New layer fill with colour of choice mask
new from image select and apply mask merge mask layer visable.
Back to template edit copy edit
paste on top of mask drop shaddow template.
Resize tube of choice paste as new layer on top
of template drop shaddow.
Add name place to top of template drop shaddow.
Add url copywrite and watermark.
Resize crop close off white background merge other layers visable.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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