The tutorials written on my blog, have all been created by me using my own imagination and inspiration. Tubes i use are copywrite to the artists and the tuts written are copywrite to me.Any similarities to other tutorials are coincindental and not intentional.

If i have used any ones materials in my supplies please let me know so i can either remove or give credit for them.

You have my permission to print my tutorials for personal use only, they must not be used for monetary gain nor be connected to pornography.

Please ask for my permisson to translate my tutorials.

It is illegal to hotlink so please do not do it.

You may use my tutorials on groups/forums but i ask that you link back to my blog for others to follow my tuts, please also do not claim them as your own.

Removing or covering up of the artists copywrite and url is an infringement of the copywrite law and taken very serious. I do not take kindly either the removal or covering up of my licence number and or watermark, i spend a lot of money for my tubes and a lot of my time creating with them for the enjoyment of others so please do not steal from me.

Email me by clicking on my contact link to send me your tutorial results or if you need any help, am more than willing to help if i can.

Last but not least, hope you enjoy doing my tutorials, thanks for trying them


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