Love for butterfly's

Tube of choice i used Anna marine.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
FTU true love is forever scrap kit HERE. Thanks Ziggy.
Montiblindsmask HERE. Thank you Monti.
AAA frames foto.
Thanks to Sparkling-special-designs for sharing bling.
File new 650x650 fill with white, new layer
fill with colour of choice i used #23252A mask
select and apply merge mask visable.
Copy and paste my circle background from supplies on top of mask.
Open element10 colourize Hue 154 Saturation 106
Resize paste as new layer on top of circle background.
drop shaddow duplicate resize just a bit bigger than 1st one.
Resize element1 paste as new layer on top of mask
place to left drop shaddow duplicate resize place
underneat left of duplicate image mirror place
to bottom right of mask.
Highlight circle background select all float paste tube of choice
drag so all the bottom of tube is behind marching ants
duplicate drop shaddow lign up with drag to top
use selection tool cut away bottom of tube select none.
Resize element29 paste as new layer drop shaddow
place to top left of frame.Drop shaddow both frames.
Add url copyrite and watermark.
Add name place to bottom of frames i filled blank spaces
with a colour by using magic wand and clicking inside blank spaces
then new layer to fill if any white still showing drag below original
name and fill with paint brush then drop shaddow.
crop resize if needed.
edit copy merged paste in animation shop as new image
duplicate twice.
Open ani butterfly from my supplies erase the tail edit select all animation
replace colour with the colour click on any white part
of the butterfly then tick new colour i used # #1B3E69 for mine then ok it.
Animation resize i did 75 edit select all edit copy
highlight 1st.frame of your tag edit select all edit paste in selected frame
place it on the shoulder of your tube.
view animation save as.
File new 650x250 fill with gradient you used for tag.
Paste tube of choice in center of banner drop shaddow.
Resize copy and  paste elements of choice or see mine for details
drop shaddow as you go.
Merge layers visable effects AAA foto frames set on
Width 11- brightness 50 - blue 5.
Add url copyrite and watermark.
Add name place down left side of banner drop shaddow.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop as new image
duplicate twice and add your ani butterfly
in the same way you did on your tag.
You may have to keep resizing till you get the size you want.
View animation save as.
File new 150x150 fill with same gradient as you used for
your tag and banner.
resize tube paste as new layer use selection tool
cut off the small butterfly showing on the right of tube.
drop shaddow your tube place to left of avatar.
Add AAA frame as with your banner.
Add url copyrite and watermark.
Add first letter of your name to right of avater.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop as new image.
Resize ani butterfly 45 add to avatar as you did with
tag and banner.
View animation save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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