Stylish Lady

Tube of choice i used Keith Garvey.
This is a PFD Exclusive club tube.
You need a licence to use this art.
You can purchase one.HERE.
You have to be a member of PFD exclusive club 
My templates.
Font of choice i used Impact.
Open my templates in animation shop.
Highlight 1st.frame of banner edit copy paste in psp as new image.
Open and resize main tube of choice.
Paste as a new layer place to left of template drop shaddow.
Use selection tool cut away overlapping of tube around banner.
Open and resize close up tube of choice.
Paste as new layer drop shaddow place to right of banner again
cut off overlapping of tube around banner. 
Change blend mode to soft light.
Add url copyright and water mark.
Add name rotate place underneath last line
on the animated part of template add noise on light at 50 drop shaddow.
Close template layer merge all other layers visable.
Edit copy paste in animation shop as new image duplicate twice.
Edit select all edit copy back to your banner
highlight 1st.frame  of template edit select all edit paste
into selected frame.
Change speed properties to 15. View animation.
Save as.
Work same as for banner add 1st. letter of name
place to bottom right of aviator add noise drop shaddow.
Save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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