Twilight Zone

Tube of choice i used Ismael Rac.
You need a licence to use this art, Both this tube and kit
is a limited eddition Heaven or hell. HERE.
M.M clouds.
VM natural sparkle.
Font of choice i used SF Gothic Bold for my wordart.
Fangtasia for my name.
File new 650 650 fill with white.
Open paper 11 paste as new layer place in center of work.
Resize element48 paste as new layer on top of paper
use selection tool and cut away all overlapping paper around element 48.
Highlight paper layer select all float effects MM clouds
Use a dark grey and a light grey default settings.
Effects illumination lights play with setting till you get effect you want.
Preset shapes moon1 white draw a small moon 
place to top left of paper change blend mode to soft light.
Resize element25 paste as new layer center towards bottom of work. 
Open main tube paste as new layer image rotate 90% right image mirror
place on top of element 25 erase overlapping of tube
on the front and right end of element 25.
Change blend mode to screen.
Paste main tube again place to right of work duplicate
original tube add gussian blur set on 5, top tube drop shaddow duplicate.
Add wordart on top of lid of element 25 rotate drop shaddow.
Resize element8 colour grey scale place one to top left
top right and one on her leg in element 25 resize mirror as you go
drop shaddow spiders and other layers that need it.
Resize element9 paste as new layer place
to top left corner of element 48 drop shaddow.
Resize element 22 colour grey scale paste as new layer 
place on top left corner of element 25 drop shaddow.
Resize element 1 paste as new layer place to bottom left corner
of work drop shaddow.
Resize element 29 paste as new layer place on top bottom 
right of element 1 drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Add name place to bottom left of main tube drop shaddow
in colour of choice. 
crop resize 650 x 650 pixels all layers ticked.
highlight paper fill layer effect VM natural sparkle set on 17
edit copy merged paste as new image in animation shop.
back to psp undo sparkle add sparkle set on 18 
edit copy merged paste in animation shop after current frame.
back to psp undo sparkle add sparkle set 19.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop after current frame.
Edit select all animation properites change speed 20.
Animation view, save as.
hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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