Naughty but good

Tube of choice i used Tim Lowery.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Wordart HERE. Thanks for sharing.
Monti's blings two stars HERE. Thanks Monti.
AAA frames foto frame plugin.
Font of choice i used ValentinaJF.
File new 650x250.
Change colours to red and black, make the black a gradient
Fill banner with your made gradient.
Resize your tube paste as new layer place to left of banner
duplicate image mirror change blend mode to luminance.
Duplicate your tube on the left on your original blur set on 5
on your copy drop shaddow.
Open your wordart delete credit layer and the 2 bottom layers
highlight top layer duplicate select all Float new layer
fill with colour of choice select none delete original layer
duplicate new coloured layer select all float modify exspand by1
new layer fill with black add a small gradient glow
drag below original layer select none merge these layers visable
add a small gradient glow and drop shaddow.
Copy and paste onto your banner between your two tubes.
Merge layers visable.
Effects AAA Frames foto frame set as shown below...
From top to bottom  10-53-0-0-0-0-0-61 ok
Image add border set on 4 black.
Resize 650x250 pixels.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Add name place above wordart between tubes drop shaddow
dulicate 3 times merge these layers visable.
Edit copymerged paste in animation shop as new layer duplicate 9 times.
Open Monti's bling resize by45 edit select all edit copy
Highlight 1st frame on your banner edit select all
edit paste into selected frame place above the shoulder
of your left tube repeat and paste another bling
above the shoulder of your right tube.
Resize bling again this time by75 repeat as above place
the U in naughty.
View animation save as.
File new 150x150.
Repeat all as you did for your banner but resize to fit
as you go along. Change top setting on frames 10 to 7
this time add border set on 2.
Resize back to 150x150.
When adding the 1st letter of your name use size26 place to bottom
right corner drop shaddow duplicate by3 merge layers
edit copy paste in animation duplicate by9 then copy and paste.
Resize bling till it fits nicely in the top right corner.
save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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