Santa Got Mail

No tube used.
FTU To The North Ples scrap kit HERE.
Masks 01 - 08 HERE.Thanks again Vaybs for both kit and masks.
File new 650x650 fill with white, new layer
fill with paper of choice mask new from image
select and apply mask merge mask layer visable.
Resize element11 paste as new layer place to rightbottom
of mask drop shaddow.
resize element31 paste as new layer place on top bottom of signpost
erase part to make it look like its hanging over post drop shaddow.
Resize element27 paste as new layer place to left bottom of post
drop shaddow. resize elements22 and 23 place as new layers on
sleigh seet drop shaddow as you go element22 on top bottom
element on top bottom element23.
Resize element8 paste as new layer place on top left of sliegh
drop shaddow duplicate.
Resize element41 paste as new layer place on top santas
right hand erase small part to show santa's thumb
holding letter drop shaddow.
Resize element32 paste as new layer place on top bottom
of Santa erase overlapping of Santa's feet showing drop shaddow.
resize element15 paste as new layer place on top bottom
of sign post drop shaddow.
use airbrush size on 32 add a small amount to the feet
of reindeer snowman and right sides of the trees on the mask
make it look like small snow drifts.
Add credit to Vaybs
Add name place to bottom center of mask.
Edit copy merged paste in animation shop as new image duplicate 4 times
Open snow animation from supplies edit select all
highlight 1st. layer of tag edit select all paste in selected frame.
View animation save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.


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