Link avatar or banner to blog

Down load avatar or banner to your chosen image host
i use Tiny pics.
Highlight Copy the code as shown below.

Paste in notepad. 

Go to your blog, 
Highlight and copy your blog url from your browser.
Highlight section between " " then paste your blog url here.
Click to see larger view.
Now copy all the code with your blog url.
Back to your blog click on design, add a gadget

Scroll down to HTML/JavaScript and click on the +
 Give it a title.

Copy your code in the content area.
Then hit save then view blog.
Click on your banner it should take you to your home page.
Now you can move it to where you want it by
going into design and drag it either down the column or across
to the opposite column.
Use same method for banners from your friends blog
in this same way but change url between " " with your friends blog url.
Hope you understand my tut, any problems
please contact me for further help.

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