You want me

Tube of choice i used Misticheskaya.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Xenofex contelattion plugin.
Open my template from supplies.
Highlight background layer, select all float.
Resize and paste your tube as a new layer place
center of template drop none.
Add url copyright and watermark.
Add name rotate 90% left place down left side
of template drop shaddow duplicate.
Highlight background layer, magic wand click on a 
black line effect, you may have to try this a few times
till all the black lines have ants around them,
just keep undoing and try again till you get it right.
Effects Xenofex constelattion default setting, if you do not have 
constelattion it also works ok with a noise.
Concelattion change random seed to 87.
Noise set on 80. select none edit copy merged
paste in animation shop as new image.
Back to psp undo select none undo constelattion or noise
add constelattion change random seed to 102 noise to 90
edit copy merged paste in animation shop 
after current frame. back to psp undo select none
 undo constelattion  or noise add constelattion  change random seed
to 196 noise 100, edit copy paste in animation shop
after current frame.
View animation save as.
Open my template from supplies.
Work all same as for your banner. paste tube
showing from head to waist drop shaddow.
Add 1st.letter of your name place top left of template.
Add ©artist name and your licence number.
Work animation as on your banner.
View animation save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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