Sizzling hot

Tube of choice i used Arthur Crowe.
I bought this particular tube when he was with PTE,
 but his tubes can now only be bought from his factory HERE
 Biene template HERE Thanks for sharing.
Font of choice i used Coventry Garden NF.
Open template delete copy Biene layer.
Method i used for filling layers...
Highlight layer your wanting to fill or change
Select all float new layer fill with colour of choice 
delete original layer.
Gradient layer, choose 2 colours to compliment your tube
have the darest colour on the bottom change to gradient
Radial - V H 50 - Repeat12.
White circle add dsb flux noise on darker set on 100.
Left and right square layer fill with colour.
add psp weave effect.
Left and right frames add noise.
Merge green and yellow bubbles visable change colour add noise.
 Merge all buttons visable change colour add drop shaddow.
Merge all summer letters visable change colour
add noise drop shaddow.
 Colourize the hot wordart  leave sizzling wordart as it is.
Add drop shaddow to rectangle layer on 2-2-50-5.
Then again on -2  -2 50 5.
Crop if needed.
Delete white background save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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