Sexy Pussycat

Tube of choice i used Arthur Crowe.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
Font of choice i used Cardinal Alternate.
Plugins dsb flux bright noise.
Murahs Meisters copies.
File new 650x250.
Resize close up tube paste as new layer duplicate
3 or 4 times so your template is full merge these layers visable.
Effects Murahs Meister copies Wallpaper rotate twice.
Effects enhance twice.Blur gussian blur set on 5 twice
then Geometric effects spiky halo i used these settings
H0..V0..R50..A50..F20.dsb flux bright noise mix on 20.
Resize close up again copy and paste to bottom right side of template
Change blend mode to screen.
Resize full tube paste as new layer duplicate on your bottom tube
gussian blur set on 5 on the top tube drop shaddow
use presets shapes on rectangle draw about one inch rectangle
down left side of template leaving a very small gap at the end
I used a light colour from my tube. duplicate selections select all float
fill with a dark colour from tube drag below top rectangle
select none resize 103 percnetage of original.
Drop shaddow then again -3. -3. 60. 5.
Highlight background select all float modify contrast by5
selections invert new layer fill with the same dark colour you used before
select none move to top add noise mix set on 50.
drop shaddow as above then again with a minus before the 3.
Add url copyright and your licence.
Add your name place to the left of template drop shaddow.
Crop apque, save as PNG.
Do not delete it we will use the background for your avatar.
File new 150x150.
Copy the background you used for your banner resize to fit.
Resize full tube paste as new layer place to bottom right of template.
Add border frame as you did on your banner.
Add first letter of name drop shaddow.
Add copyright and licence.
Crop apaque save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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