Dark Angel

Tube of choice, i used Celenart.
You need a licence to use this art, you can purchase one HERE.
This That n Other Template HERE. Thanks Belinda.
FTU Punk Tu Tu kit HERE.Thanks for sharing.
Mask 247 HERE. Thanks Terese.
Murahs Meister clouds.
dsb Flux Bright noise plugin.
My wordart.HERE.
Font of choice, i used Impact.
Open template,delete credit layer.
Highlight grey oval, Select all float,Fill with Linear gradient
Foreground.B95288. Background.440C1D. Angle45 repeats5.
Effects Murhas Meister clouds.Light white.Foreground B95288. baxkground 440C1D.
Delete original layer.
Resize lightening. paste as new layer center left of template.
Resize wire paste as new layer selections invert
deleye on keyboard,drop shaddow,select none.
Resize tube paste as new layer,on top center of template,drop shaddow.
Add psp noise random 1oo to black Oval.
Highlight Grey square, select all float.resize and fill with paper1
invert delete on keyboard, select none, delete original layer.
Highlight and fill black square with B95288.Add psp noise random 199.
Highlight stripes,select all float, fill with 440C1D.Deleye original layer select none.
Resize chain2 paste as new layer on top rectangle
Erase Overlapping at each end, duplicate image flip. 
Grey rectangle and grey rectangle2,fill with dsb Bright noise mix 100.
Open my wordart, paste as new layer top left of template.
Resize lips,paste as new layer rote slightly to left,drop shaddow
place on top center left of template.
Resize decor paste as new layer on top right corner grey triangle
drop shaddow, duplicate image mirror,place bottom left grey rectangle.
Highlight bottom background layer, fill with paper4.
Mask new from image,select and apply mask, merge mask visable.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name to bottom of tubes feet,drop shaddow.Drag below feet.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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