Easter Message

Spiritual Easter kit.HERE. Thanks Melissa for sharing.
Fonts of choice.For my wordart iused Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
For my name i used Cardinal Alternate.
E.C.Gradient glow.
EC 400 HSB Noise.
File new 650x250.fill with white.
Copy and paste paper2 as new layer,move so you see
the 3 crosses in center of template.
Resize prayer book,paste as new layer,right of template
sharpen and drop shaddow.
Open Spiritual saying3,select all float,new layer
fill with 7E0000.select none,delete original layer.
Resize, Copy and paste left center of template.
Use selection tool,draw around bottom layer
copy paste on your workspace as new image.
back to template, delete bottom layer.
Back to your copy of bottom layer,resize,paste as new layer.
Add Easter message wordart,top of bible verse,Font Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Colour 7E0000.Add EC gradient glow glow.thin white.Text size28.
Merge all layers visable.
Duplicate,select all float,modify contrast by5.
invert,new layer,fill with 7E0000.select none.
Add EC 400 HSB Noise.Settings from top to bottom... lumps.seamless tile.Random seed1.
Add EC gradient glow,thin white.
Add copyright and url for the kit,
Add name place bottom of bible verse,add thin EC gradient glow white.
Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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