Irish Traveler

Tube of choice i used Barbara Jensen.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
PTU Irish Blessing kit HERE.Thanks.
Mask7 HERE.Thanks Zuzzanna.
Font of choice i used Leprechaun Hats.
dsb Flux Bright noise plugin.
File new 700x750 resize and crop later.
New layer fill with gradient BA6B00. 0C5F0E. gradient on darker colour.
Linear Angle 45 repeats 3.
mask new from image,select and apply mask,merge mask visable.
Resize 64 paste top right of mask,drop shaddow,duplicate
image mirror,move down a little.
Resize 17 paste on top bottom of mask,rotate 90% left.
duplicate image mirror,erase later what you do not want showing.
Resize73 paste on top center of mask,magic wand
click in center resize and paste paper1,invert delete on
keyboard,drag below frame.Add psp weave in black.
Resize4 paste top left corner of frame,invert delete on
keyboard select none. Drop shaddow.
Resize 28 paste left center insid frame,Drop shaddow this layer and the frame.
Resize 71 paste bottom right of frame.
Resize tube paste on iop left of 71, image mirror,drop shaddow,we will
cover bottom with elements later.
Resize 27 paste on top right of tube,drop shaddow.
Use free hand tool point to point draw round thumb of tube
copy,paste on top of original thumb,so it looks like its resting on pot.
Resize25 image mirro paste on top of knee of tube,drop shaddow.
Resize 32 paste on top bottom corner of frame,drop shaddow.
Resize 54 paste left below 27,Drop shaddow.
Resize 74 paste on top left corner of frame,drop shaddow.Drag below25.
Resize 68 paste on top bottom 24 drop shaddow rotate slightly.drag below 54.
Resize 49 paste on top bottom center of 68.Drop shaddow.
Resize 34. paste on top right of 27.drop shaddow.
Resize 10 paste on top left corner of framme,drop ahaddow.rotate left slightly.
Resize 29 paste right of 10,drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name bottom left of tag,drop shaddow.
Crop and resize if needed.
highlight pot of gold,use freehand tool,point to point
draw around the gold.Add dsb noise,mix 80, select none
edit copy merged,Paste in animation animation shop as new animation.
Back to psp undo select none,undo noise,add noise mix 90.
select none,Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop
after current frame.Back to psp,repeat undoing back to noise
add noise mix 100.Copy merged,paste in animation shop after current frame.
View animation, Save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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