Batty Witch

Tube of choice i used Barbara Jensen.Bonus tube.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
Bird animation,thanks Simone for sharing.HERE.
Mura's Meister copies,Wall paper.
dsb Flux Blast.
Font of choice i used WolfsRain.
Drop shaddow throughout.
File new 650x250.Fill with white.
Paste full tube.Effects.Mura's Meister copies,Wall paper.
default settings,just change number to 20.
Add gussian blur on 5,twice.Then edge enhance twice.
Add dsb Blast twice.Then edge enhance again.
Resize main tube by 75.Paste as new layer to left of template,drop shaddow.
Duplicate image mirror.Copy and paste close tube as new layer to bottom
center of template,head and shoulder showing only,drag above both
side tube layers.Change blend mode to soft light.
Create a new layer above all other layers, and Flood Fill Black.
Click Selections. Select All.
Selections. Modify.Contract by 3, hit Delete.
Keep selected, and now contract by 7, then Flood Fill with black.
Now contract by 2, hit Delete, then Select None.
Apply a drop shadow to this layer.Add psp noise,random on 100.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name to bottom center of template,drop shaddow.
edit copy merged,paste in animation shop as new animation,duplicate 21 times.
Open bat animation,resize by 35.edit select all,edit copy.
Highlight 1st.frame of banner template,edit select all,
edit paste into selected frame,place to top center of template,
Repeat again place just beneath top set of bAts.
View animation,save as.
File 150x150.Copy and paste each layer from banner template
Resize as you go by 75.sharpen layers.
Add same banner frames as on banner template.
Add copyright and licence number.
Add 1st.letter of name to top right corner,drop shaddow.Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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