BCA Awareness

Tube of choice i used Barbara Jensen.47-3.HERE.
Template BCA 4.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
BBD mask 174.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
Tramages Tow the line.
Eye Candy gradient glow.
dsb Flux Bright noise.
Font of choice i used Vivaldi
Drop shaddow throught.
Open template,delete credits.
Highlight BG,Image resize canvas by 650 pixel width.Fill with white.
Move Frame1,Rectangle,Ribbons,Words3,Words1 and words2.
Align them all up at bottom of template,see mine for details.
Highlight circle1,select all,float.New layer.Fill with gradient.
Foreground.F5CFDC.Background.FF4584.Make Sunburst gradient from the background.
H.50.V.50.Repeats4.Invert gradient ticked.Delete original layer.
Still on circle,Resize main tube by 75,Paste as new layer bottom center of template
Select none.Drop shaddow,erase overlapping of shaddow at bottom of tube.
Highlight dots,select all.float,new layer,fill with 7B1870.Delete original layer.
Highlight circle3.Select all,float,new layer,fill with D3669A.Select none,delete original layer.
Repeat as above for circle2.
Highlight squares.select all,float,Fill with F5C9D8.Add tramages Tow the line,default.
Select none,delete original layer.
Highlight frame2,select all,float,new layer fill with F7ABC5.
Selecty none,Add dsb flux,bright noise set on 100.
Add EC gradient glow,colour black halo,change colour FF4584.set on3.Delete  original layer.
Highlight Frame3,Add EC gradient glow as above.
Highlight word3.select all,float,New layer fill with F5C9D8.Drop shaddow.
Add EC gradient glow as above.Select none,delete original layer.
Highlight rectangle,select all,float,new layer fill with gradient.
Foreground F5C9D8.Background.D3669A.Make background gradient.Linear.
Angle.50.Repeats.4.Select none,delete original layer.
Highlight Frame1,select all,float,new layer fill with D3669A.select none.
Add Noise as above.Then EC gradient glow as above.Delete original layer.
Highlight ribbons,add drop shaddow.Highlight words2,Add drop shaddow.
Add url,copyright and licence number.
Add name on top bottom of template.add EC gradient glow as above,but change colour to black,drop shaddow.
Highlight Ribbons,Add noise set on 80.Edit copy merged,Paste in animation shop as new animation.
Back to psp,Undo noise.Add noise on 90.Edit copy merged
paste in animation shop after current frame.Back to psp.Undo noise,add noise on 100.
Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop after current frame.
View animation,save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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