Never Say Never

Tube of choice,i used Zlatar_M.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
FTU 2 New Tezture Packs.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
dsb Flux.Bright noise.
Eye Candy gradient glow.
Font of choice,i used.Before the Rain.
Drop shaddow throughout,unless stated otherwise.
File new 650x255.Fill with white.Selct all,fill with texture8 from pack7.into none.
Copy and paste full tube as new layer,to far right side,duplicate move to left of original.
Change blend mode to Luminance.Drop shaddow on original.
Change foreground colour to #C95C5E.Background nil.
Precepts tool.Antialis and Create as vector.Rectangle Width size3.
Draw a rectangle on the left of template,see mine for details.Convert to layer.
Add dsb noise set on 100.
Magic wand click inside rectangle.Fill with black.
Highlight !st rectangle,drop shaddow again -2.-2,50.5.
New layer on top of all layers.Select all,fill with black,
Modify,contrast by4.hit delete,keep,still on this layer,
fill with #E3A3C1.Modify contrast by5.Hit delete.Add noise again.
Add EC gradient glow.colour.Black Halo,size3.
Highlight black rectangle,add psp blinds,W.5.O.100.Colour #E3A3C1.Horizontal ticked.
Add wordart,Never say never,text in caps.Place on top center of blinds rectangle.
Drop shaddow again -2.-2.50.5.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name,place just below rectangles,drop shaddow.Save as PNG.
Copy and paste each layer from your banner,resize as you go.See mine for details.
Add same frames as on banner.Add copyright and licence number.
Add 1st.letter of name on top bottom right.Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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