Steamy Steampunk

Tube of choice i used Arthur Crowe.Machine Life Tube and Kit.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
BBD mask167.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
Font of choice i used Impact caps on.
New SteamPunk Animations.Thanks Simone for sharing.HERE.
Drop shaddow throughout.
File 650x650.Fill with white.
Copy and paste paper7 as new layer.Mask new from image,select and apply mask,merge mask visable.
Resize el4 by75.Paste as new layer on top center of mask.
Magic wand click in center,modify exspand by3.
Resize close up by75,paste as new layer,move so yo see her left eye
almost center of frame.Invert hit delete,drag below frame.Blend mode to soft light.
Select none,drop shaddow frame.
Copy and paste el1 as new layer below tube.Drop shaddow,again -2.-2,50.5.
Resize el27 by45.paste as new layer top right of frame.Sharpen,drop shaddow.
Resize el10 by45.Paste as new layer on top bottom el27.Drop shaddow.
Copy and paste el3 as new layer bottom right of frame.
Erase strings you do not want showing.Drop shaddow. 
Resize el16 by45.Paste as new layer on top bottom right of frame,
sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize main tube by60.Paste as new layer left side of frame,sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize el6 by30.paste as new layer,bottom right of frame,sharpen,drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Change background colour to paper9.default.Foreground colour black.
Add name bottom center of frame,drop shaddow.
Edit copy merged.Paste as new layer in animation shop as new animation.Duplicate 10 times
Open SteamyANI2 and3.Resize both animations by75.
Highlight frame1 animation2,edit select all,edit copy,Highlight 1st.frame of tag.
Edit select all,edit paste into selected frame,place top right of tag.
Repeat same for Ani3,place right of tubes legs.
View animation,save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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