Lady In Red

Tube of choice i used Arthur Crowe.
Red Lady free Bonus tube and matching kit.
You need a licence to use this art,
you can purchase one HERE.
Zuzzanna mask07.Thanks for sharing.HERE.
Pentadotcom dot and cross.
Eye Candy gradient glow.
Font of choice i used Allura.
Drop shaddow throughout.
File new 650x650 fill with white.
Copy and paste paper9 as new layer,mask new from image,
select and apply mask.Merge mask visable.Add psp weave effect in white.
Resize Element10 by60.Paste as new layer on top left center of mask.
duplicate image mirror,sharpen then drop shaddow. mirror 
Resize element1.by60.Paste as new layer on top center of mask.
Magic wand,click in center of frame,odify exspand by5.
Resize Paper4 by45.paste as new layer,invert hit delete,drag below frame,
Resize Close up2 by60.Paste as new layer left top of frame.
Select none,add Pentadotcom dot and cross default.
Change opacity to50.Drop shaddow frame.
Resize Full tube by60.Paste as new layer on top center bottom of frame.
Sharpen then drop shaddow.
Resize Element13.by10.paste as new layer top left of frame,
sharpen then drop shaddow.Duplicate twice arrange in a cluster.
Resize Element21.by45.Paste as new layer right of frame,Drop shaddow.
Resize Element25.by25.Paste as new layer on top bottom right of rose spray.
Sharpen, then drop shaddow.
Resize Element43.by25.Paste as new layer,on top bottom left of mirror.
Sharpen.Then drop shaddow.
Resize Element29.by25.Paste as new layer on top bottom right of perfume.
Sharpen.Then drop shaddow.
Resize Element38.by25.Paste as new layer bottom left of frame.Drop shaddow.
Resize Element31.by25.Paste on top bottom right of purse.sharpen,drop shaddow.
Resize Element27.by20.Paste as new layer on top left of purse and pearls.Drop shaddow.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name bottom right of tag,add EC gradient glow,white on3.
Delete white background,save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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