Noisy Star

Tube of choice i used Alex_Prihodko.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
Tramages tow the line.
dsb Flux bright noise.
Star borders.HERE.
Font of choice i used Riesling.
File new 750x250.Fill with white.
Change foreground colour to white.Background to A3A3A3.
Make background a gradient, linear.Angle 45.3 repeats.
New layer,fill with above gradient.
Add Tramages Tow the line,default settings.
New layer on top of all layers,fill with black.
select all,Float,Modify contrast by4.Hit delete.
Copy and paste star border as new layer.
Highlight Black frame border,duplicate resize by90.
Use deformation tool adjust to fit around star border.
Resize full tube by25.paste as new layer,image mirror.
Place to left of template,sharpen,drop shaddow.
Paste tube again with just her face showing to right of template.
Drop shaddow,change blend mode to Luminance.Crop merged 0paque.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name place between tubes,rotate right,drop shaddow.
Highlight star border,Add dsb bright noise set on mix at 80.
Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop as new animation.
Back to psp,add noise mix set on 90.Copy merged,
paste in animation after current frame.
Back to psp,add noise mix set on 100.Edit copy merged,
paste in animation shop after current frame.
View animation,save as.
File new 150x150,fill with white.
Copy and paste each layer from banner to aviator resize as you go.
Work black border frames same as banner.
Copy and paste star border.Crop merged 0paque.
Add copyright and licence number.
Add 1st,letter of your name top left of template,drop shaddow.
Add noise layers as you did on banner.
View animation,save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it. 

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