Sorry i have not been here.

I have been poorly for over a week now and have not been online.
Still not 100% well as yet, but feeling much better.
I hope to catch up on some tuts and tags for you all,
I have missed being here for you.
Just want to share with you some things on the home front.
Below is a picture of my Grandaughter's friend.
My Grandaughter made this outfit for her
Fasion designs from her second year collage foundation course.
The theme was non-racist.
She collected all the materials herself, then most was hand sewn together.
She got her dad to help her with the metal waist band
and edges on the top by riviting them together,
it took her 10 weeks to complete.
The fasion show went down very well but the photo's we took
were not as good as the ones below, they were too dark to show.
We the family are very proud of her.
This is my Daughter and Grandaughter
taken outside the fasion show building on the night last week.
Mandy shows how happy she is with her results of the show
and mum looking on with proud.
This was her first years work she did last year.
With the theme being Africa design.
Mum is a team member in her church ministering
the word of God to schools and homes in Africa.
So she braught the materials mandy wanted for African outfit
Linda went to Africa last Sunday for 10 days and its her 3rd year
out there now, i am a proud mum too of her.

She will be going to celebrate her 18th.bithday in Turkey,
traveling tomorrow and staying for 10 days.
Some of you may remember my other daughter
started creating scrapbooks for family and friends.
She is still doing it and loves it so much.
I thought i would also share these couple of scrap cards
she created for my scrapbook which she made for my birthday
this year. These photo's were taken last summer in a few of my
favourate spots here in the UK.
These are the photo's we had taken during the heavy snow fall
we had last winter in the UK. The scrapbook she made was so full of beautiful
memories over the years, was and is a delight to look through for me.
Again am a proud mum of her.
Hope you too enjoyed my little share with you.
Take care all

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