Tube of choice i used Barbara.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
No7.St.Patty's day,Retired bonus tube.
Last 4 days to buy.
Clover template186 HERE. Thanks for sharing.
FTU Ninsy kit HERE.Thanking you. 
Font of choice i used Celticmd.
Rainbow animationSt.Patty Day animations #4 pack  HERE.Thank you for sharing.
Tramages tow the line.
dsb Flux bright noise.
Eye Candy gradient Glow.
I was trying to figure out how to make the rainbow fit and work on my tag
found it a bit confusing,so i hope i did it right.
Let me know if you have any probs lol.
Good tip i do when following tuts,i either print it or highlight where am up to
its much easier to keep track of where you are lol.
Open rainbow in animation shop, highlight 1st frame,
edit copy,paste after last frame
Now delete the black credit frame and 1st.blank frame. resize by 90.
open template in psp,delete credit layer,resize all layer by 650,crop later.
Raster7 select all float new layer Background 347035 foreground B1CC97.
Make a sunburst gradient from the background colour,
new layer fill with gradient,delete original layer.
Change colours the other way round,raster6 select all float
fill with gradient,delete original layer.
Raster4 select all float fill with paper2,delete original layer.
Raster5 with with same gradient you used before,add psp weave effect in white.
Delete original layer.
Raster select all float,fill with paper1,delete original layer.
raster 13 select all float,fill with paper4.delete original layer.
Raster8 select all float,open tube image mirror,paste bottom center.
Change blend mode to hardlight.Add Tramages Tow the line default.
Both frames on layers change colour to B1CC97.Add noise mix 100.
Resize tube paste on top below wordart,drop shaddow.
Raster 10.change colour to B1CC97.Raster 2 change colour to 003600.
Drop shaddow bottom layer of the wordart.
Resize clover3 paste to top left corner of raster11 drop shaddow.
Resize bow1 paste on top right corner of raster 13,drop shaddow,rotate slightly.
Resize keychain2 paste on top bottom right of raster11,drop shaddow
erase small amount of ring so it looks like its going through layer.rotate slightly.
Add wordart 17th.March.Add EC gradiend glow thin white.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name on top left center of bottom wordart,magic wand
click inside all lower key letters of your name,add none.
Click on the first letter of name,add drop shaddow.
Hide all layers above 11[13 upwards].
Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop as new animation.Duplicate 16 times.
Highlight 1st.frame on rainbow,edit select all,edit copy
Highlight 1st.frame on your template,edit select all,
edit paste in selected to top of center rectangle,
just a tiny bit from the left side.
View animation.
back to psp,unhide all the layers you had hidden,hide all layers below13.
If your wanting to make tags for friends,hide your name too.
Merge these layers visable,edit copy,paste in animation shop as new animation
duplicate 16 times.edit select all,edit copy.
Highlight 1st,frame of your template with the rainbow on
edit select all edit paste in selected frame.
Place so the flower stem is just touching the side of the green rectangle
and the center of flower lined up with the top left of rectangle.
View animation.
Highlight the frame with your full rainbow on,crop around your tag.
View animation,save as.
back to psp highlight your name layer,edit copy
paste in animation shop as new animation,dulpicate 16 times.
edit select all,edit copy,Highlight 1st.frame on tour tag,
edit select all,edit paste in selected frame.
place on top center left of the wirdart.
View animation,save as.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut, thanks for trying it.

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