Rub me 4 Luck

Tube of choice i used Alex_Prihodko.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one HERE.
Template HERE.Thanks for sharing.
FTU Happy St Patty Day.HERE.Thanks Shell. 
Font of choice i used Before the Rain.
dsb Flux bright noise.
Eye candy Gradient Glow.
Open template,delete credit layer.
Use selection tool,cut around the number4 on wordart and wordart back.
Copy and paste as new image,erase other parts,you only need the number4.
Resize by75 then again by 85.Now erase both numbers4 on template.
Copy and paste the single numbers4 as new layer,same place as original
backing first then top layer.Merge these two layers visable.
Method for filling layers...
Highlight layer you want to fill,select all,float.
Paste as new layer,delete original layer.
Just coloured layers.Add new layer before changing the colour.
Top orange rectangle.paper10.
Yellow circle.paper8.
Dark green rectangle.paper1.
Large green rectangle.paper6.
Bottom orange layer fill with 000000.add dsb noise mix 100.
Glitter rectangle,add noise same as before.
green layer fill with gradient,Linear.
45 Angle.repeats3.Foreground.0F9441.Background.03471E.
Small shamrocks,add noise as above.
Wordart noise mix 50.
Magic wand,click inside number4,add noise same as wordart.
Crop.Delete white background,Save as PNG.
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut,thanks for trying it.

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