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Tube of choice,i used AnnaMarine.
You need a licence to use this art,you can purchase one at CDO.
PTU ScrapFoxy_AnnaMarine-Package-43.HERE.
BBD mask176.HERE.
My wordart.HERE.
Simone Ani Blitz bling small 352 next set after animation previes.
Eye Candy Gradient Glow.
AAA Frames Foto Frames.
Font of choice,i used Kayleigh.
File new 650x700,fill with white.paste4 as new layer,mask new from image,select and apply mask,
add psp weave in black.Merge mask visable.
Resize frame4 x75.Paste as new layer on top center of mask..Magic wand,click in center of frame.
Selections modify exspand by5.Resize paper10,paste as new layer
invert delete on keyboard,drag below frame.
Resize main tube x90,paste as new layer,delete on keyboard,select none.
Paste tube again on top of original,drag to top,drop shaddow,erase overlapping
of tube at bottom of frame.
Open my word art,paste as new layer around frame.
Resize element31 x50.paste as new layer on top right of frame,sharpen,drop shaddow.
Resize element16 x 25.Paste as new layer on top bottom of element31,sharpen drop shaddow.
Resize element15 x25. paste as new layer on top right of top flower,drop shaddow,rotate to left slightly.
Resize element19 x25.paste as new layer to top right of frame sharpen,
drag below frame,rotate right slightly.
Resize element43 x25,paste as new layer on top left of frame,sharpen drop shaddow.
Resize element38 x25,paste as new layer to top left of frame,sharpen,drop shaddow.Drag below frame.
Duplicate twice,arrange on eother side of 1st doodle.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name to bottom center of frame,drop shaddow.Crop if needed.
Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop as new image,duplicate 11times.
Resize animation x170.edit select all,edit copy,highlight 1st.frame of tag
edit select all,edit paste into selected frame,place center of crystal ball.
View animation,save as.
File 650x250.Fill with white.Resize paper10,paste as new layer.
Resize tube,paste as new layer to far right side of template,Drop shaddow.
duplicate image mirror.
Add OMG wordart in black,Witches Magic.Add EC gradient glow,colour,black Halo in white,size3.
Merge all visable.Effects AAA Frames,Foto Frames.Width20.Red.5.Green.-2.Blue.3.Opacity.50.
Duplicate,select all,float,modify contrastx5.invert,fill with black.
Add EC gradient Glow,thin white size3.Duplicate.Merge all layers visable.Crop merged apaque.
Add url copyright and licence number.
Add name Kayleigh font size55.white.Drop shaddow.
Edit copy merged,paste in animation shop as new image,duplicate 11times.
Undo resize of animation.Edit select all,edit copy,
Highlight 1st.frame of banner,edit select all
edit paste in selected center of crystal ball on left.
back to animation,edit select all animation mirror,edit select all,
Highlight 1st.frame of banner,edit select all,edit paste in selected frame.
Align it up with left animation but on right crystal ball.
Repeat as above twice,place one either side of word art.
View animation,save as.
File new 150x150,fill with white.Resize paper10.paste as new layer.
Resize tube paste as new layer,drop shaddow.
Add AAA Frames,change Width to 12.and opacity to 50,zero on other settings.
Add same frame and EC as on your banner.
Add copyright and licence number.
Add 1st letter of name,drop shaddow,place to top right of template.
Work same animation as on your banner,but only the one on the crystal ball.
View animation,save as.
Hope you enjoyued doing mt tut,thanks for trying it.


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